Erectile dysfunction in men over 40 years old

A risk of the development of the chronic diseases including sexual disorders is increased in men with aging. According to the medical statistics, the erectile dysfunction is met in men under 40 years in 30-35% of cases. In men over 40, the erectile dysfunction is observed in about 50-55% of cases. The difference is great, but it has an objective explanation.

There is a popular delusion that menopause can be only in women, and the female body experiences hormone changes and changes in the sexual function as well. Men also have such period but it has a different form. After 40 years old, the level of the sexual hormone testosterone is actively decreased in men. Libido is decreased, the sexual desire and amount of ejaculation and active spermatozoa are reduced, and erection becomes worse.

Every man has all these processes in different time. This period often occurs at the age of 45-55 but this process can happen earlier because of the high stress, initially low testosterone level, and unhealthy lifestyle.

The first medicine for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction sildenafil was initially developed for men over 40. Nobody would think that the medical image of the erectile dysfunction would change for the past 20-30 years, and young men would also actively use the pills to improve potency.

How to improve erection after 40 years old?

If you are 40 years old and feel a decreased sexual function, it is necessary to follow the main recommendations:

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle: sport, hard work in gym to produce testosterone, healthy diet and sleep. This is the basic recommendation
  • Take food additives which stimulate the production of testosterone
  • Have an active sexual life. The more often you have sexual intercourse, the better erection you will have
  • Do not obsess over your age. A psychology of the man can play a main role in the formation of the sexual health
  • Visit a doctor regularly and control the basic functions of heart, CNS, vessels, and hormone system