Price of Lasix - Lasix Without Prescription

A fluid retention in the body and edemas are an unpleasant syndrome which can be quickly coped with. A single dose of Lasix guarantees you a fast diuretic effect, and then you will not have any edemas.

If edema is neglected, the excessive amount of the liquid can create an additional load to the cardiovascular system, so that a patient will have hypertension and other pathologies. Lasix not only excretes the excessive liquid from the body but also prevents the high blood pressure.

A low price of Lasix in the online pharmacy makes it affordable for most people all over the world. But before buying Lasix online, patients should carefully read the instructions for the use of the drug. Lasix pills are used orally with enough water. This medicine is indicated for short- term medical courses – 3-14 days. It is not recommended to take the pills more than 2 weeks because electrolyte and mineral balance is affected during the intense diuretic effect.

In case of the edemas of the middle intensity, the standard daily dose of Lasix is just 40 mg. The daily dose can be used once or divided into two parts: 20 mg of Lasix in the morning and afternoon. In case of severe edemas and intense hypertension, Lasix is used in the dose of 80-160 mg per day, 2-3 times (every 8 hours).

If you take Lasix more than 5 days, it is necessary to have a medical examination, and laboratory tests of the blood and urine. If tests showed the reduced amount of the minerals, it is necessary to begin the additional use of vitamins and minerals which will make up a deficit of the useful nutrients in the body.

If Lasix is used in the reasonable therapeutic dose, the side effects are hardly probable. Moreover, you will not have any side effect and will quickly get rid of severe edemas.

If you still have questions, and you need a professional medical aid, before buying Lasix you can contact a pharmacist of the online pharmacy. A pharmacist will provide all needed information and inform you how to take Lasix without prescription to treat edemas.