Methods of the erectile dysfunction treatment

In the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, doctors constantly face one and the same problem. This problem consists in the late treatment or self-treatment of the erectile dysfunction. Due to this, different complications may happen which complicate the further treatment of the sexual dysfunction.

The timely treatment will help to prevent the development of the erectile dysfunction, and the man can take Viagra without prescription or any other medicine from the group of PDE5 inhibitors to prevent the sexual disorders.

The treatment of the erectile dysfunction is based on the causes of the disease. A man should detect a form and a cause of the sexual disorder, and have a complete course of the treatment. Therapeutic procedures and drug administration belong to the preventive measures of the sexual function.

Basic methods of prevention and treatment of the erectile dysfunction

Local negative pressure treatment (with the help of the vacuum pump)

  • Pluses of the method – a wide availability and rather high efficiency
  • Minuses of the method – weak erection, the problem cannot be hidden from the partner, a low length of the action (20 minutes)

Injection therapy

  • Pluses of the method – a fast beginning of the action and 100% efficiency, a strong erection
  • Minuses of the method – painful injections, not every man can give an injection correctly

Drug therapy

  • Pluses of the method – a wide set of the different drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and their analogues), a high availability of the drugs, fast and 100% effect during any form of the ED
  • Minuses of the method – almost none

There is another method of the erectile dysfunction treatment but it differs by its radicality. This is a surgery during which an implant is used instead of the cavernous body, and the penis is always erected.

The most optimal method of the prevention and treatment of the ED is a drug therapy. One can buy Viagra in any pharmacy. It is cheap but effective way to restore potency and hide the sexual disorder from the partner.