Erectile dysfunction. What is it

According to the data of World Health Organization, the erectile dysfunction snowballs rapidly. The disappointing data of the medical and marketing studies indicates that the number of men suffering from the potency disorders grows and will grow intensively. In order to explain this problem and understand how to improve sexual life, one should know what erectile dysfunction is.

The erectile dysfunction is a disorder of the erection during which a man is not able to have sexual intercourse. A term “impotence” was used in the medical practice up to 1992. A single breakdown of the erection does not mean a severe sexual disorder. Men have problems with having erection related to stress or fatigue from time to time. If the disorder of erection or orgasm lasts for at least 3 months and appears regularly (4-5 times per week), this is probably an unnatural process which is called an erectile dysfunction in urology.

To understand the basis of the erectile dysfunction and how to cope with this pathology, it is necessary to delve into a mechanism of the erection.

The complicated biological processes constantly happen in the human body. One of these processes is an erectile function. At the moment of the sexual stimulation, a signal goes from the visual and tactile receptors to the brain, and a sexual arousal occurs. During the sexual arousal, the central nervous system is also involved to the process through which the impulses are sent to the penis. At the same time, a lot of the nitric oxide is produced in the body which relaxes the vessels in the area of the penis. During the dilation of the vessels, the cavernous bodies get more blood which is accumulated in the tissues of the penis, like in the sponge. As a result, the cavernous bodies are increased, become firmer, and the man has an erection.

The erection disorder happens because of the failure in some mechanism. These can be psychological, neurological, or vascular disorders. In order to restore a normal erectile function, a man has to remove the main cause of the sexual pathology.