Organic Erectile Dysfunction

According to the statistics, the organic form of the erectile dysfunction is the most popular and is diagnosed in 60% of men suffering from the erection disorders.

The organic erectile dysfunction is developed because of the different causes:

  • Endocrine disorders – a dysfunction of the thyroid body, reduced testosterone level, increased estrogen level, pituitary tumors, and others
  • Cardiovascular diseases - varicosity, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and so on. The vascular disorders worsens blood circulation in the penis of the man.
  • Chronic diseases - diabetes, hypertension.
  • Neurological disorders - a severe form of epilepsy, spinal cord and brain injuries, hip injuries
  • Inflammatory and infectious diseases

An organic form of the erectile dysfunction which is developed as a result of the use of the medical products should be separated. Many modern drugs such as antidepressants, antiandrogenic products, opioid analgesics, and others have a negative effect to the potency. Fortunately, after the end of the use of these drugs, a sexual health of the man is gradually restored, but time and additional pharmacological aid will be needed.

The organic causes of the erectile dysfunction can be easily detected. It is necessary to have a complex examination of the body as a result of which a doctor will detect a disorder and make a diagnosis.

Nowadays, almost 90% of cases of the organic form of the ED is successfully treated. But in order to avoid complications, the treatment should be started during the first symptoms of the erectile dysfunction.